The most comprehensive service on the Spanish fixed-income market for individual investors, with transparency and liquidity.

Auriga Global Investors’ unique position as a leader in the fixed-income market, the latest innovations in financial technology and the increasing demand for investment alternatives for individual clients have led us to create, the first and only online trading platform with binding prices for more than 2,000 bonds.

The bonds: profitability and safety

Bonds are marketable debt securities issued by companies and governments that represent the loans granted by investors to such entities. Fixed-income securities entitle investors to receive fixed periodic interest payments (coupons) and the return of all or part of the capital invested at a given date.
Issues listed on are the most liquid in the world and their issuers are the most important governments and companies in the global landscape.

  • Almost 2,000 fixed-income issues.

  • Government debt securities and corporate bonds from the most important companies in the world.

  • 200 private issues and 30 governments issues.

  • Maturity terms from 3 months to 40 years.

  • Geographically and sectorally diversified issues.

  • Zero coupons, fixed coupons, variable coupons and step-up coupons.

  • Constant admission of new issues.

Our service makes the difference

  • Binding trading with transparency in online prices.

  • Automatic settlement of securities transactions.

  • Guaranteed liquidity for all the bonds.

  • Real-time monitoring of positions.

  • Quotes from the main European fixed-income markets.

  • Depth-of-market window with up to 5 positions per bond.

  • Continuous trading from 09:00 AM to 17:30 PM (CET)

  • There are no hidden spreads or charges.