Our team consists of professionals who come from the trading departments of the major national and international financial institutions.

Our highly experienced team provides hedging advice on clients’ specific operations or their overall risk, encompassing all the problems related to risk management. They specialize in interest-rate, currency and commodity risk management for capital risk funds, energy and property funds, and family offices.

Hedging advice is especially important in a context marked by:

  • A great diversity of financial risks.

  • The increasing complexity of the financial products and the risks associated with them.

  • The growing internationalization of a high number of clients.

  • The contractual obligation in certain cases to hedge debt.

Our advisory service is based on:

  • Analysis of the debt structure and clients’ loans. In order to evaluate the interest-rate risks of the client, different scenarios of the evolution of the interest rate curve are simulated.

  • Analysis of the international structure and the clients’ exchange rate risk.

  • Analysis of provisions and commodities risks.

  • Analysis of market variables.

  • Monitoring of the market to facilitate decision-making before it changes.

  • Analysis of its suitability to clients’ structure.

  • Development of customized solutions.

  • Advice on the financial clauses of hedging contracts.

  • Identification of the best product to be taken out.

  • Assessment of the credit spread.

  • Valuation of the product.

  • Management of the closure.

  • Review and check of confirmations.

  • Market monitoring.

  • Ideas for optimizing hedging portfolios.

  • Evaluation of new risks which may affect the client.

  • Proposals for the restructuring of products

  • Advice on the products after market closing.