Auriga Global Investors was founded in 2007 with a strong commitment to meet the financial and investment needs of our clients, partners and shareholders.

Our main goal has always been the pursuit of excellence through the best professionals in each business line.

Fixed-income and equity teams were the first to join the company, and are the foundation on which we are building our business. The challenging environment of the financial crisis encouraged us to establish Auriga USA. Since our inception, we have also made a firm commitment to retail business, both in fixed–come, with Auriga Bonos, and in equity, with Click Trade.

Our perseverance and long-term commitment to projects and people have led us to emerge from the crisis in a stronger position.

Since our launch, we have built trust based on the following principles:

Independence:It allows us flexibility in a constantly changing environment.

Closeness to our clients, partners and shareholders. It is our highest priority; we build long-term relationships on a day-to-day basis.

Experience: It is reflected in each of our professionals.

Solvency: It is our calling card to the financial institutions with which we work.

Growth: through the constant pursuit of new business lines that meet the financial needs of our clients, partners and shareholders.

Recognition for each of our employees. We strongly believe that recognition by the company is a reflection of their work.

Today, we are in the best possible position to continue building a great financial services company.