We provide access to public and private funding through capital markets.

The optimization team, which consists of professionals who come from major Spanish financial institutions, specializes in the origination and syndication of fixed-income issues.

Auriga offers a wide range of financing solutions adapted to the actual needs of companies. Our funding optimization team develops active relationships with clients/issuers and inventors to understand their financing and investment needs. Their expertise and knowledge of the financial industry, the products and the economic environment, make the team the perfect interface between clients/issuers and investors. This team also cooperates with other departments in the company in the search of alternative investors who provide funding adapted to the credit profile of clients/issuers.

Services and Products

  • Bond Origination.

  • TAP.

  • Convertible bonds.

  • Structures: first loss, etc.

  • Securitizations.

  • Private placements.

  • Underwritings.

  • Project Bonds.

  • Advice: capital structures.

  • Capital Increases.

  • Mergers & Aquisitions.

  • Promissory notes.

  • Bonos: secured/ unsecured, senior/ subordinated, bullet/ amortizing, fixed/ floating FRN, Zero-Coupon, at discount, etc.

  • Loans origination.

  • Financial advice.

  • Asset financing.

  • Valuation of companies.

  • Corporate development.

  • Financial advice: Debt restructuring and refinancing.