Auriga Global Investors' fixed-income desk has established itself as one of the leading fixed-income teams in Spain and Europe.

Our aim is to provide the best service to the main Spanish and European financial institutions in the trading of fixed-income securities.

The trading volume of the desk has been growing annually to such a level that it is currently one of the leaders in the sector.

A large team staffed by professionals of different nationalities allows us to provide services to clients across Europe. Their combined knowledge, experience and professionalism enable us to trade a very extensive range of assets, including corporate bonds, public debt, securitizations, mortgage-backed securities, senior and subordinated financial bonds, etc.

Our proprietary portfolio is one of the key elements in achieving our objectives. Our traders manage this portfolio day-to-day to extract the highest possible profitability within well-defined risk parameters. The management of this portfolio is also an indispensable tool to provide our clients with immediate liquidity. During the last financial crisis, marked by volatility, Auriga has become a benchmark for providing a way out to securities whose liquidity was almost nil. We believe that our clients value the effort which we have always made in order to be faithful to that commitment to provide liquidity at all times.