At the forefront of innovation to provide our customers with professional solutions.

Auriga Global Investors is a member of BME and provides execution services to our resident and non-resident institutional clients in the following markets:

  • Spain - BME

  • Germany - XETRA

  • France, Holland, Belgium and Portugal – EURONEXT

  • Italy – Borsa Italiana

  • Switzerland – SWX-VX

  • Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark – OMX

  • London – LSE

  • USA – NYSE and Nasdaq

1. Description of the service

Auriga’s order execution services cover the entire spectrum of needs our customers may have in a highly demanding international environment, from the most sophisticated IT system (DMA- Direct Market Access) to the traditional telephone monitoring service.

Our team of highly qualified professionals is one of the most innovative in the Spanish market and has more than 25 years’ experience in front office, middle office and back office operations, as well as in the fields of technology and regulatory requirements of the national and international markets in which it operates.

2. Front Office

  • Real-time monitoring of clients’ activity.

  • Notification to customers of any rejection of orders and exceptional circumstances that may affect the normal operation of the business or trading activities.

  • Daily reporting to clients on financial markets events and news:

    - Admission of securities
    - Suspension of securities
    - Financial transactions.
    - Changes in ranges and ticks, etc.

Types of front-office service:

  • 1. Routing Service

    Execution of orders in stock markets with direct access to them (order-routing service). Auriga has developed and implemented the most sophisticated order-routing system in the Spanish Market: “Auriga nanoGAIN”:

    • Auriga nanoGain is a FIX-based order transmission engine approved by the most important stock exchanges in the world, including the Spanish stock market.

    • The speed (latency) of nanoGain is measured in microseconds and is the best on the Spanish market.

  • 2. Care-Orders

    Execution of orders in several stock exchanges in which trades are conducted with the assistance of a trader. Orders may be received and transmitted by telephone, email, via Bloomberg, or by any other means of communication generally accepted in the markets.

3. Middle & Back Office

Auriga has its own internally-developed software applications (ABOT – Auriga Back Office Tools), through which it meets the most demanding reporting needs, with the highest standards of regulatory compliance and information transparency.

  • Reconciliation of files at market closing with a summary of clients’ transactions.

  • Issue of any kind of report or confirmation adapted to clients’ requirements to be sent by fax, via email, via FTP, etc.

  • Daily monitoring of the clearing and settlement process of trades.

  • Coordination of the process between the market, the client and the clearing & settlement entity.